How to Travel with Jewelry Safely

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Going somewhere? Whether you own inexpensive costume jewelry, valuable fine jewelry, or both, we have all the tips you need for hitting the road (or sky, or water) and safely.

If you're like most travelers, protecting your jewelry isn't top-of-mind on your travel prep to-do list. But there are some precautions to take, especially if you bring your engagement ring or other expensive pieces. Read on to learn tips on how to travel with jewelry safely.


Deciding What Jewelry to Bring

Where are you going? What will you be doing while you're there? If you're jet-setting for a laid-back beach vacation, maybe you can get away with no jewelry at all. Or just a few casual pieces for a nice dinner out.

But if you're traveling for work, or a destination wedding, jewelry could be on the must-have list.

If you decide you need jewelry along, check for any travel advisories for your destination. If crime is of concern, consider leaving your fine jewelry behind. Safety first!

How should I store the jewelry I'm leaving behind?

Don't forget to take precautions for the expensive jewelry you don't take with you. Just because it's back home doesn't mean it's 100% safe.

If you can, consider renting a safety deposit box to store your valuables while you're away.

If that's not an option, your best storage locations at home are a safe, ideally, or an inconspicuous location if you don't have a safe.

Contrary to popular belief, your jewelry box is not where you should store expensive jewelry! Where do you think a thief is going to look first?


The Best Jewelry for Travel

There are so many things to think about while traveling - expensive, sentimental jewelry doesn't need to be one of them.

Simple, versatile costume jewelry does the trick in a variety of vacation situations. But, did you know jewelry intended for travel is actually a thing?

It's called travel jewelry and it's the jewelry industry's best-kept secret. Look for travel jewelry specialists like Ania Haie and Aurelie Gi to keep you looking high-class for a low-end price tag.


Should I wear a fake engagement ring on vacation?

For many people, the most expensive piece of jewelry you own is your engagement ring. And you probably don't take it off very often.

I know even I'm guilty of wearing my engagement ring as normal on vacation. But should we? Depending on where you're going and what you'll be up to, the answer could very well be no.

There are two great alternatives to wearing your actual engagement ring while traveling:

  • A fake travel engagement ring (Cubic zirconia can be really convincing!)
  • A silicone ring designed to be hassle-free. (Check out Groove Rings)

We recommend the best of both worlds - a fake engagement ring for dressing up and a silicone ring for messy or risky activities.


How to Pack Jewelry for Travel

Carefully, very carefully.

When packing your jewelry for travel, you want to avoid loss, damage, and unwanted attention.

Of course, you can buy products made to protect jewelry during travel. There are tons of jewelry rolls, travel cases and pouches on the market.

If you'd rather DIY, here are a few of our favorite jewelry packing hacks:


Can you bring jewelry in a carry on bag?

Absolutely. In fact, if you're not actually wearing your more expensive pieces through the airport, your carry-on is the only other way to go.

Make sure to keep the bag with your jewelry inside in your sight at all times. That includes offers of help from airport staff, cab drivers, bellhops and the like.

Never, never, never pack your fine jewelry in checked luggage. There's just way too much risk.

Can you wear jewelry through airport security?

Yes. In fact, TSA encourages you to keep your jewelry on. The vast majority of jewelry will not set off the alarms, and if it does an officer can inspect it with you watching.

If you do decide to remove your jewelry for whatever reason, put it into your carry-on bag, not on its own in a bin or bowl.


How to Travel Safely with Expensive Jewelry

While most of the above applies to pretty much any jewelry you care about, there are extra tips to consider for traveling with expensive jewelry.

1. Document the jewelry you're bringing. Make a visual inventory of the pieces you're taking with you. If you need to file a police report for any reason, this proof of ownership will be very helpful. (You should really do this anyway - it's smart to have a personal jewelry inventory.)

2. Alert officials, if necessary. If your insurance company requires you to notify them of travel, make sure to do so. Also don't forget that, for international travel, you must report to Customs the transport of goods valued at $10,000 or more.

3. Know when not to wear your jewelry. While your valuables are often safest while in your sight, there are activities during which you need to take your jewelry off. Look over our full list of activities that should be off-limits to jewelry.

4. Store safely at your hotel. Never leave your jewelry out in your hotel room, even inside your luggage. For any expensive jewelry you're not wearing, ask the hotel staff if they have a safe you can use, whether in your room or behind the desk.

5. Conceal, don't reveal. Especially if you're in a more dangerous or unknown area, take steps to conceal any expensive jewelry from strangers. Also, don't advertise the presence of expensive jewelry by sharing to social media. There's no need to make yourself a target.



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